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Y.M Spindles & Grindings

Our Lab specializes in the Repair and Balancing on all types of  High Speed Precision  D I C I N G and  Air- Bearing S P I N D L E S, using only OEM barings refurbished to meet each manufacturers critical specifications.   

Our Lab is equipped with latest State of the Art Equipment:

  Newly Designed Clean Room to International Standards for assembly

Schenck Pasio -50 Balancing machine –for Finest Balancing to Grade G 0.4 level.

Advanced quality assessment equipment.

 Y.M Spindles & Grindings

Are committed to uncompromising quality, despite our Most Reasonable Prices in the Spindle Repair market today.   

15 years 'know-how' in servicing finest high tech industries for semiconductor application.

Significant Cost Effective Solutions, 2) Renewed Life Span to Spindle.

Servicing All Dicing and Air bearing Spindles: Colibri, Disco, Loadpoint, Westwind, Yascawa, etc.

  Turnaround time on Repairs: 3- 7 days at most (including transportation)