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Training & qualifications


Our technicians are specialists in all

 types of spindle repair, dedicated to providing
 the highest quality spindle repair possible.


 Our experts have the training necessary to

  provide OEM quality repairs.  Our technicians
  receive on-going training at several high end

  OEM facilities as well as OEM training at our


 We have the specialty equipment for precision

  grinding to one micron, precision lubrication,

  microscopic inspection and vibration analysis.


Our facilities are designed to enable our experts to work
 with the incredibly tight tolerances required for proper
 high speed spindle operation repair.

 We have the ability and qualifications to solve

any spindle repair problem, and offer expeditious

service and professional consultation, providing

a solution to each and every one of your needs.


We back the quality of our service by offering

you a one year warranty on Air Bearing Spindles and a six month warranty on ball bearing spindles 

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