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Spindle repair services







Reconditioning Back To Orignal Factory Condition

  Y.M Spindles provides two separate reconditioning divisions:

  Air Spindles   and   Ball Bearings Spindles

  The Repair Spindle Process:

• Upon receipt of your spindle the initial process is to log-in and

   check the spindle serial number against our data base of spindle repairs.

• Once entered into our data base system and photographed, the next

    phase of breakdown / disassembly / cleaning begins where diagnosis

    of parts for cracks and grades are run through repetitive testing and


•  Spindle data is referenced for future supervision.

•  Quotation for customer approval.

•  Machining.

•  Grinding and Lapping.

  Balancing g 0.4.

•  Assembly.

•  Testing.

•  Final Report Preparation.

•  Documented spindle tests.


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